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"Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure" free ebook RTW's

Microsoft Downloads - Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure - Book Download

Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure - Book Download

Version: 3.0
Date published: 7/10/2012

Language: English

Building Hybrid Applications in the Cloud on Windows Azure.pdf, 12.9 MB


From the Preface;

Who This Book Is For
This book is the third volume in a series on Windows Azure. Volume 1, Moving Applications to the Cloud on Windows Azure, provides an introduction to Windows Azure, discusses the cost model and
application life cycle management for cloud-based applications, and describes how to migrate an existing ASP.NET application to the cloud. Volume 2, Developing Applications for the Cloud on Windows Azure, discusses the design considerations and implementation details of applications that are designed from the beginning to run in the cloud. It also extends many of the areas covered in Volume 1 to provide information about more advanced techniques that you can apply in Windows Azure applications.

This third volume in the series demonstrates how you can use the powerful infrastructure services that are part of Windows Azure to simplify development; integrate the component parts of a hybrid application across the cloud, on-premises, and third-party boundaries; and maximize security, performance scalability, and availability.

This guide is intended for architects, developers, and information technology (IT) professionals who design, build, or operate applications and services that run on or interact with the cloud. Although applications do not need to be based on the Microsoft® Windows® operating system to operate in Windows Azure, this book is written for people who work with Windows-based systems. You should be familiar with the Microsoft .NET Framework, the Microsoft Visual Studio® development system, ASP.NET MVC, and the Microsoft Visual C#® development language.

Why This Book Is Pertinent Now
Software designers, developers, project managers, and administrators are increasingly recognizing the benefits of locating IT services in the cloud to reduce infrastructure and ongoing data center runtime costs, maximize availability, simplify management, and take advantage of a predictable pricing model. However, it is common for an application to contain some components or features that cannot be located in the cloud, such as third-party services or sensitive data that must be maintained onsite under specialist control.

Applications such as this require additional design and development effort to manage the complexities of communication and integration between components and services. To prevent these complexities from impeding moving applications to the cloud, Windows Azure is adding a range of framework services that help to integrate the cloud and on-premises application components and services. This guide explains how these services can be applied to typical scenarios, and how to use them in applications you are building or migrating right now.

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