Sunday, July 15, 2012

Programming for TFS 2010 and find having to install Team Explorer a pain just to get the TFS Object Model? There's a download for that...

Buck Hodges - Standalone installer for the TFS client object model

This past week we released an installer for the Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 client object model. Up to this point the only way to get it was to install Team Explorer. For folks writing tools that access TFS, this was a pain, as having to install TE was overkill when all that was needed was a small set of DLLs. Lots of folks have asked for this, and it’s finally available. We’ll be shipping a TFS 2012 client object model installer in the RTM timeframe as well.

Team Foundation Server 2010 SP1 Object Model

This is the stand-alone Object Model Installer for TFS 2010 (Sp1). This may be used for developing applications that integrate with TFS 2010.

This is the same Object Model included with the Visual Studio & Team Explorer SKU, in a stand-alone package. This OM will allow applications to connect to a TFS 2010 server, without the need for a Visual Studio or Team Explorer being installed on the machine. (Proper licensing / CALs are still required)

This is something that I can see being very handy for everyone writing TFS utilities, extensions and such.

(via Jason Haley - Interesting Finds: July 15, 2012)

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