Monday, August 20, 2012

Driving WinDBG with JS to generate DGML (Think "Visualizing WinDBG'd disassembled code in DGML")

Rubato and Chord - Visualize Assembly using DGML

"Starting from Visual Studio 2010 Ultimate there is a cool feature called DGML (Directed Graph Markup Language).

I wrote a small script to convert the disassembled code from WinDBG into a DGML.

In order to use it, simply type the following commands under a debug session:

.shell -o LoadLibraryA.dgml -ci "uf kernel32!LoadLibraryA" cscript.exe /nologo dasm2dgml.js

A DGML file will be generated with the given name, and here is what it looks like:



This is such a mash-up of stuff that I had to blog about it. Using cscript to run javascript to disassemble code with WinDB to view it via DGML... awesome.

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