Sunday, August 12, 2012

MAX_PATH got you down? Zoom over to the Zeta Long Paths project

CodeProject - Zeta Long Paths

"A .NET library to access files and directories with more than 260 characters length


This article describes a library that provides several classes and functions to perform basic functions on file paths and folder paths that are longer than the "MAX_PATH" limit of 260 characters.


All .NET functions I came across that access the file system are limited to file paths and folder paths with less than 260 characters. This includes most (all?) of the classes in the System.IO namespace like e.g. the System.IO.FileInfo class.

Since I was in the need to actually access paths with more than 260 characters, I searched for a solution. Fortunately a solution exists; basically you have to P/Invoke Win32 functions that allow a special syntax to prefix a file and allow it then to be much longer than the 260 characters (about 32,000 characters).

The Library

So I started writing a very thin wrapper for the functions I required to work on long file names.

These resources helped me finding more:

I started by using several functions from the BCL Team blog postings and added the functions they did not cover but which I needed in my project.

Currently there are the following classes:

  • ZlpFileInfo - A class similar to System.IO.FileInfo that wraps functions to work on file paths
  • ZlpDirectoryInfo - A class similar to System.IO.DirectoryInfo that wraps functions to work on folder paths
  • ZlpIOHelper - A set of static functions to provide similar features as the ZlpFileInfo and ZlpDirectoryInfo class but in a static context
  • ZlpPathHelper - A set of static functions similar to System.IO.Path that work on paths


Do we need another Long Path/MAX_PATH library? Sigh, yes, we do. Because we're still dealing with long path issues and we still don't good support for them in the OS or .Net framework. Granted I deal with this more often than many due to my day job, but still I've been seeing more and more comments/issues/problems/etc due to max_path issues.


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