Saturday, August 04, 2012

Planning your Personal Planning Poker cards (and how to create your own, such as LOLCATS cards)

Dylan Beattie's Blog - Planning Poker… with LOLCATS

So… there’s this thing called planning poker, which although it looks a little odd at first, is actually a really effective way to flush out uncertainty during software planning meetings. It’s played with a special deck of cards, and for the last year or two we’ve been using a couple of decks that I got at a SkillsMatter event.

Now, in normal poker, all the cards need to be from the same deck – otherwise you could read the card backs. Obvious. But with planning poker, only the cards in your own hand need to be the same – there’s no reason why your deck needs to be the same as the other people in the planning session – so there’s nothing stopping you making your own planning poker cards. So, thanks to a bit of interwebbing, a little bit of magick and those wonderful people at, I give you my one-of-a-kind LOLcat planning poker deck.



That's awesome. I love how he included the instructions on how to make your own.

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