Saturday, August 04, 2012

Lost a Windows Password? Here's six free utilities to help you recover it.

ZoomZum - 6 Best Free Tools to Recover Windows Password Easily

Not every person who uses windows is tech savvy. Everyone does keep a password for extra security and they do sometimes tend to forget it. The people who do not understand the technology or computer very well cannot easily crack it and will resort to options of either re-installing or re-formatting the entire operating system. But to bring in the knowledge of these people that the password can be very easily recovered without formatting or reinstalling the entire operating system.

There are a lot of password recovery tools available these days. These tools are basically software that can help in very easily cracking or recovering the person incase a person misplaces or looses it due to any reason. These tools provide the best and the fastest way to recover and make safe password. It is also not at all difficult to get these. All you are required to do is to download them from the website. these tools are free to use.

A few days ago, we had cover some best microsoft .net development tools, instant messaging tools, audio editing software for windows, best free windows antivirus and many more. Today we are going to share best free windows password recovery tools/software. Visit this list and select the best one for you. i hope windows users would love to use these tools to recover and keep safe password. Also share your thought in our comment section below.


Sometimes you just need a tool like this (I did a few weeks ago) and it's been a while since I've mentioned a like utility. So caching this list for future reference. These are also a great security demonstration too, showing someone all their cached passwords and how easily they can be grabbed/cracked (Scary too...).

Remember, use these for the power of Good only!

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