Wednesday, September 12, 2012

"Welcome to 4chan's poorly documented read-only JSON API guide!" Yes, 4Chan now has an API...

i-programmer - 4chan Introduces API

"4chan, the long-standing image-based bulletin board, has revamped its software, adding an API and new features for developers.

4chan is well-known not only as the original source of many images that surface on the Web, but also as the origin of pranks such as the Rick Astley joke where images of pop star Rick Astley appeared instead of the page that was searched for. The 4chan community is influential and enthusiastic, and the API provides a route to the huge number of images they post on the board.

The underlying code for 4chan is a modified image board system managed by volunteers, closed to the client side and fairly stable in terms of not offering new features. The organization has now added a read-only JSON API that makes the underlying data on the site available for external use.


4chan / 4chan-API

Welcome to 4chan's poorly documented read-only JSON API guide!

JSON representations of threads are exposed at the following URLs:


Note: We plan to add indexes and other views at a later date in time.

CORS is supported with an origin of http(s)://

Request methods supported are: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS

Questions? Please e-mail

This guide was last updated September 9, 2012.

API Rules
  1. Do not make more than one request per second.
  2. Thread updating should be set to a minimum of 10 seconds, preferably higher.
  3. Use If-Modified-Since when doing your requests.
  4. Make API requests using the same protocol as the app. Only use SSL when a user is accessing your app over HTTPS.
  5. More to come later...
API Terms of Service
  1. You may not use "4chan" in the title of your application, product, or service.
  2. You may not use the 4chan name, logo, or brand to promote your application, product, or service.
  3. You must disclose the source of the information shown by your application, product, or service as 4chan, and provide a link.
  4. You may not market your application, product, or service as being "official" in any way.
  5. You may not clone the live site and its functionality. This means don't suck down our JSON, host it elsewhere, and throw ads around it.
  6. These terms are subject to change without notice.


My son's a 4chan'r and while it's not a site I frequent, one of the quests in my life is to build app's that my family might think cool. So maybe if I build a WP8/Win8 4chan reader he'll think it (and I) are cool? [yeah, I know, fat chance... but still.... ]

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