Friday, October 12, 2012

10 Tips to avoid the typical Windows 8 design traps

.net magazine - 10 things you should know about designing for Windows 8

The launch of Windows 8 on 26 October will provide an exciting new platform for designers and developers. Brent Schooley introduces the key things you need to know to start creating Windows 8 applications

Microsoft caused a stir in the design industry with the release of Windows Phone. With its Bauhaus-inspired minimalism, strong focus on typography and use of subtle but impactful motion design, Windows Phone showed that there is definitely room for innovation in the mobile space.

Windows 8, due for release on 26 October, brings the same design goals and ideals to the desktop and tablet market. Given the focus on creating beautifully functional applications – not to mention a much larger potential market than iOS – this is definitely a platform designers should get involved with.

In this introductory guide to the subject, I’ve come up with 10 things you should know about designing for Windows 8.

  1. The market for Windows 8 apps will be huge
  2. Developers need designers for Windows 8
  3. Take inspiration from Windows 8’s design roots
  4. Content before chrome
  5. Typography is king
  6. Design for touch
  7. Photography makes your app stand out
  8. Charms bar and contracts
  9. Use subtle animations
  10. Design a good Live Tile




As a Dev I don't think about design near enough. Design? Typography? Photo's? meh... Or so I though until I read this post (and seeing some of the app's already in the Win8 store... lots of "meh" already there). If you want to stand out, to provide a truly professional Windows 8 App, you have to also think design. Doesn't mater how cool the code is if it's presented fugly...


Brent Schooley said...

Thanks for the link Greg! Glad it made you think something other than "meh" :)

Greg said...

lol :)