Friday, October 12, 2012

Get mentally unbound with Jerry's "XAML Binding Basics 101"

Jerry Nixon @work - XAML Binding Basics 101

Hello Windows 8 XAML developer. XAML is a declarative UI language; it's most powerful feature is surely data binding.  But, I admit, with such power comes a lot of things to know. Let’s take a minute to step back, smell the roses, and build out some simple bindings.

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Referencing a control

Referencing a control in XAML is referencing a class. Declare it in XAML and the class’ constructor is executed. Your control is now in the logical tree. Every control is part of a hierarchy, with the top-most control being the page element.


This is a great and very, very easy to read and grok into to XAML binding. If you're new to XAML binding you've got to read this...

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