Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Extra, extra... MSDN Magazine, Windows 8 Special Edition is now available...

MSDN Magazine - Windows 8 Special Edition of MSDN Magazine

"Welcome to the Windows 8 special edition of MSDN Magazine. Over the past several months a talented team of authors, editors and Microsoft technical experts have worked together to produce a bonus issue of MSDN Magazine focused entirely on Windows 8, Windows Runtime and the development of Windows Store applications.

As I explain in my Editor’s Note for the issue, the Windows 8 special edition of the magazine is packed with hands-on tutorials and technical features. Whether you are looking for insight into the technical underpinnings of the Windows Runtime, guidance on building Windows Store apps with XAML, or a tutorial that explores how to create compelling UIs with Expression Blend, this special issue of MSDN Magazine has something for you.

Mind you, this is just the start. Over the months to come, you can expect Windows 8 and Windows Runtime to figure prominently in our coverage. Next month’s November issue will include a pair of features focused on JavaScript and WinJS, a look at managing memory in C/C++ and C#, and design guidance for creating more effective Windows Store app UIs.


MSDN Magazine - Windows 8 Special



All Windows 8, all the time (well for this edition anyway)...

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