Thursday, October 18, 2012

If Windows 8 WebView is winning (and making your head explode) check out these 10 tips from the Windows Store Developer Solutions Team

Windows Store Developer Solutions - Ten Things You Need to Know About WebView

Hi - I am Matt Small, a Sr. Escalation Engineer on the Microsoft Windows Store Developer Solutions team.  I have been working on Windows 8 since before the Release Preview, and I have spent many hours working in the Store forums, primarily in the C# forum.  I’ve seen a *lot* of posts on the C# forum regarding the WebView control and thought it would be good to compile the information we’ve collected regarding Webview. Since this article is rather long, I've indexed it for you:

  1. WebView is not a general-purpose browser
  2. WebView always renders on top of XAML
  3. WebView doesn’t do Flash.  Or Silverlight.  Or PDF.  Or any other ActiveX control or plugin.
  4. How to invoke Javascript inside the displayed webpage of a Webview
  5. How to receive information from the WebView
  6. How to inject javascript into a WebView page
  7. How to clear the WebView cache
  8. How to embed a font into your app to be used by WebView
  9. Launching other apps from a link inside WebView
  10. How to get rid of those annoying JavaScript exceptions when debugging


This is a really nice round-up of tips, issues, resolutions and just WebView good stuff...

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