Friday, October 05, 2012

Need help spell checking your comments and HTML elements & attributes? Spell Checking Extension comes to your spelling rescue!

.NET Web Development and Tools Blog - Spell Checker extension for Visual Studio 2012 HTML, ASP.NET, CSS and other files

I have updated spell checker extension for Visual Studio 2012. You can download it from Visual Studio Gallery.

Spell checker supports text verification in:

  • HTML and ASP.NET element content and attributes
  • HTML style comments <-- HTML -->
  • ASP.NET server side comments: <%-- ASP.NET --%>
  • JScript, C# and C++ comments: // C++ style comments
  • CSS and C style comments: /* C style comments */
  • VB and VBScript style comments: 'This is VB comment

Spell checking is supported in style and script blocks as well as in JS, CS, VB, CSS, CPP and H files. Spell checker is able to detects lang attribute specified on HTML elements, extract ISO language and use it to specify appropriate dictionary for the Office spell checking engine.


I hate when I misspell something. I mean we're all in a hurry, but if we take the time to write comments, shouldn't they at least be spelled correctly? ???

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