Friday, October 05, 2012

Pie! As in using a pie chart as a progress meter when doing driving scanning sample...

MSDN Code Gallery - [CCS LABS] Graphically Showing Disk Drive Scanning


When scanning, searching, or enumerating the files on a hard drive - it is important to show the end user the progress of the operation. Normally we will do this with a progress bar - in this example we use a much nicer and more appropriate 3d pie chart.

Building the Sample

This was written in Visual Studio 2010 on a Windows Server 2012 x64 machine so should run on any appropriately
configured Windows XP or better machine. Visual Basic and C# code is included.



In the example I have written I have not spent any time on making the chart look beautiful - this is about how to implement such a graph to show progress of a long running hard disk operation.



I liked the thought of a progress indicator with actual context. Also this is something we see in a number of app's, so seeing a code sample for it, I thought cool...

BTW, make sure you check out all the other samples David has been doing. The man is a machine!

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