Sunday, October 28, 2012

So if you were at BUILD, what would you want to see/hear about/etc? Need a proxy BUILD dev geek?

I'm here at the Burbank/Bob Hope Airport waiting to board my fight to SEATAC, wearing my Visuals Studio 2012 polo shirt I was given at TechEd 2009...of course! (Damn, I can be such a fan-boy sometimes... LOL :)


And I was thinking (yeah, scary)... Hey, why don't you ask your 23.87 readers what they'd like to hear about at BUILD? I can kind of be your proxy BUILD dev geek if you want. I'm going to be hanging out with the Channel 9 guys, attending the different Bashes (Deep Fried Bytes bash, Blogger Bash, etc), hunting down members of the Visual Studio teams and generally just fan-boy my butt off, so have a good bit of flexibility in what I do, where I go, people I chat with and all that.

So drop me a comment or send me an email (my email address in on my site, top, right'ish) and I'll see what I can do to get you that info, etc. Worse case, you'll at least be giving me some ideas of what to look at too... ;)


Unknown said...

Here are my questions for Build:

1) Is there a future for .NET after 4.5 or is it redundant now that WinRT API has superseded it ?

2) Are there any plans for MS to produce higher levels of abstractions & application builders over Win8 (eg WinJS enabled SharePoint TileParts, LightSwitch Win8 XAML support ?)

Greg said...

Good questions Josh. Will ask...

Unknown said...

2 more questions:

3) When will we see Azure Casablanca support C++ AMP ?

4)What is MS's answer to WebGL 3D browser based gamedev - will we see IE 11 support for a WebDX ?

I appreciate it !

Greg said...

#3 might be answered here Connecting C++ Apps to the Cloud via Casablanca. Video should be available 24 hours after this session...