Sunday, October 28, 2012

Two WMI Cheat sheets (One for Dev's, one for PowerShell'ers)

Windows Management Infrastructure Blog - WMI cheat sheet and link to MSDN documentation

"WMI team created a useful cheat sheet summarizing what's new in WMI. This is a great reference doc for developers. We are making them available through this blog post - as is.

The real documentation is still on MSDN (and it is being regularly updated). Cheat sheets are just a quick reference to get people started.





Windows PowerShell Blog - WMI cheat sheet for PS users

"We got multiple requests to publish the cheat sheet for CIM Cmdlets that was distributed in Tech Ed NA this year. Responding to popular demand, this document is attached as PDF . This is a great resource put together by WMI team for people who want to get started with CIM cmdlets.

Standard disclaimer :-). Cheat sheet is just for a quick start to get people started - real documentation is here

Osama Sajid..."



Why Must I love WMI? Because it's just so damn useful! If you don't WMI, you should. These two cheatsheets (and the links in the posts) will get you started...

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