Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Sometimes you just need quick, easy and light weight access to the Visual Studio Command Prompt (and here's a quick tip how)

Never In Doubt - Add the Visual Studio Command Prompt to VS2012

"Several times this week, I wanted to launch a Windows command prompt (not the VS Command Window which is different) while in Visual Studio 2012. More specifically, I wanted to open the command prompt in the directory of the item I had selected in Solution Explorer. I swear I could do that in VS2010 but I can’t find that in VS2012.

I gave up and did a two step dance:

  1. Right-click selected folder | “Open Folder in File Explorer” [alternatively: “Open Containing Folder”]
  2. Ctrl-Shift-right-click | “Open command window here”

That works for most purposes although I don’t benefit from the VS-specific environment variables.

Then I stumbled across an old blog post by V K Sumesh (2008) that describes how to add the Visual Studio Command Prompt (VSCP) to the tools menu. That’s worth a read for background. I’ve updated the steps here for VS 2012 and to suit my preferences.

Add VSCP to the Tools menu



Simple, easy and very, very light weight means to access the VS Command Prompt.

As Ward states later in his post there's Extensions to add this capability, but I just liked this as it used capabilities built into VS since about VS Day One...

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