Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Class Browser Plus is your .Net Windows 8 Dev second screen Windows 8 App...

IUpdateable from Eric Nelson - Great developer application in the Windows 8 Store – ClassBrowserPlus


Class Browser Plus - A Windows 8 Developer's Utility

Class Browser Plus is a Windows 8 Developer's utility that enables you to view the properties, methods and events (along with help text) for all Windows 8 classes. You can browse all the classes, or view classes grouped by namespace (functional area). The Snippets feature allows you to browse simple, concrete examples of how to use key Windows 8 classes and features. If you like the example code, copy it for your own project with a single click or tap!

App Features
  • View all Windows 8 WinRT classes, along with descriptive text
  • View the properties, methods and events in each class, along with help text
  • Browse classes categorized by namespace
  • View examples of using Windows 8 classes
  • Copy code snippets directly for use in your own projects


Got that //build/ Surface kind of laying around and looking for something dev'ish to run on it? Looking for that Dev Dude Win 8  App? Just interested in browsing Win 8 Dev stuff on Win 8? Here you go...

You can either search the Windows 8 Store or just click here, http://apps.microsoft.com/webpdp/en-US/app/classbrowserplus/c2c9fd1d-8a2d-4553-a6ab-b92266c8018a

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