Wednesday, November 07, 2012

Productivity Power Tools November 2012 Release (Think "Cool, new stuff for VS2012!" Release. Or "More Quick Tasks, Power Commands, Coloring Printing, [and more] oh my...")

Visual Studio Gallery - Productivity Power Tools

A set of extensions to Visual Studio Professional (and above) which improves developer productivity.

November 2012

Productivity Power Tools for Visual Studio 2012 is an extension pack that brings powerful tools for improved developer productivity.

New additions for Visual Studio 2012:

Quick Tasks
Power Commands
Color Printing

In addition to:

Enhanced Scrollbar
Middle-Click Scrolling 
Organize Imports for Visual Basic
Custom Document Well
Tools Options Support
Auto Brace Completion
Fix Mixed Tabs
Ctrl + Click Go To Definition
Align Assignments
Move Line Up/Down Commands
Column Guides
Colorized Parameter Help


Quick Tasks

The Quick Launch Tasks extension provides easy access to commonly used options (EG: toggling line numbers) as well as popular functionality to VS (EG: collapsing/expanding regions).  To activate Quick Tasks, access Quick Launch and write @tasks followed by one of the following options:



Power Commands

Power Commands is a set of useful extensions for the Visual Studio 2012 adding additional functionality to various areas of the IDE.  
Individual power commands can be enabled or disabled from the Power Commands page in Tools -> Options in Visual Studio. It can be found under the Productivity Power Tools category. Most Power Commands are enabled by default. Below is a list of the commands included in Power Commands for Visual Studio 2012.


Color Printing

Adds support for printing code in color.



All that plus all the goodness, that makes sense and hasn't been baked into VS, from before. Need I really say more?


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