Tuesday, November 06, 2012

//build/ Retrospective #1 - Do your friends, co-workers, peers, strangers on the street know about Microsoft's Channel 9? You might be surprised who doesn't...

Now that I'm starting to decompress, and am back to work, from //build/ I want to try to document some of my personal thoughts, impressions, etc.

My first is that it seems Channel 9 (and all the fricken great content on it) isn't well known outside our dev bubble. Oh yeah, I know YOU all know about it, but have you checked with your somewhat less connected and news hungry co-workers and peers if they know about it? You might be surprised.

I'm in a very Microsoft shop right now, and while we only have a few dev's, we are solidly in the MS camp. And when I asked, "Did you watch any of //build/ on Channel 9?" I got blank looks. "You DO know about Channel 9, right?" Nope. They didn't. And I had that same experience in my last gig too. Very few people, many were dev's and IT's, hadn't heard about Channel 9 until I told them about it. I had always assumed that they knew about it already...

You all know what a must read/view resource Channel 9 and the //build/ stuff is. It's just too awesome to keep as our little dev secret. Share, share, share it my friends!

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