Sunday, November 04, 2012

Windows Phone Power Tools 2.0 Beta for WP 8

JOELCITIZEN - Windows Phone Power Tool (Now for WP8)

This is definitely a must have in our arsenal of Windows Phone 7.5/8 tools…

This tool allows you to connect to a multitude of emulators as well as a device.

It allows you:

  • to side load apps, and updates
  • uninstall, launch and kill apps by name
  • manipulate isolated storage (get, put file, put dir, delete)
  • it also has a Profiler

You can download the beta from codeplex

Windows Phone Power Tools - Windows Phone Power Tools 2.0 beta for WP 8

Newly updated version of the tools that supports Windows 8 and the Windows Phone 8 SDK. This version should work with both WP 7.5 devices / emulators and the WP8 devices and emulators.
Please note! This is a Beta version (expect multiple new versions and iterations at a fast cadence), please report bugs in our issue tracker (

v 2.0.1 Beta

  • Removed manifest signing to clear up future upgrade paths

v 2.0 Beta
  • Support for both WP7.5 and WP8 (device + emulator)
  • New UI (still rough around the edges)

Windows Phone Power Tools 

The Windows Phone Power Tools are a natural extension to the developer tools that come with the Windows Phone SDK. Instead of allowing you to only install developer xaps the Power Tools let you test update scenarios by allowing you to update an existing developer app. Instead of having to step through the IsolatedStorage file browser on the command line, the Power Tools provide a GUI to allow you to interact with your applications.



Now that there's a few thousand dev's out there with their new Windows Phone 8's I thought mentioning this appropriate (that and I want to grab this myself when I finally get a chance to install the WP8 SDK and start building my app's for it... ;)

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