Thursday, December 27, 2012

First and only Windows Server 2012 DirectAccess book now available...


Erez Ben-Ari just published the 1st and only book dedicated to DirectAccess, Microsoft's VPN-like technology, Windows Server 2012 Unified Remote Access Planning and Deployment

  • The essential administrator’s companion for the successor to DirectAccess
  • Get to grips with configuring, enabling and deploying Unified Remote Access
  • A quick start guide to have you up and running with Windows Server 2012 URA in no time

What you will learn from this book

    • Refresh your knowledge of various VPN solutions over the years and the history of DA
    • Gain a full picture of the exciting improvements in the new DirectAcess access product in Windows 2012
    • Put URA into perspective by learning about IPv4 and IPv6
    • Review the scenarios and architecture underlying Unified Remote Access
    • Take a deep dive into deploying GPO in an organization
    • Understand Multi-Site scenarios with URA
    • Explore how to deploy cloud-based scenarios for URA
    • Discover interoperability with Windows 7 clients
    • Take advantage of step by step instructions for configuring and enabling URA
    • Fine tune the security and network including advanced configuration with PowerShell
    • Get to grips with URA monitoring and reports
    • Learn to avoid common problems, issues and mistakes

DirectAccess has the reputation for being hard to get running. And while I've heard that it's easier with Server 2012, it's still not click-click-click easy (and probably shouldn't be, given this is a VPN solution?). If you're an IT admin and thinking about DA, this looks like a must have book.

And the fact that it comes from hungry team at packt is just icing on the cake... :)

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