Friday, December 14, 2012

SQL Server Data Tools gets Database Unit Testing... (and Power Tools are now baked in and more)

SQL Server Data Tools Team Blog - Available Today: SSDT—December 2012

The SSDT team is pleased to announce that SQL Server Data Tools - December 2012 is now available for download!

What’s New?

Database Unit Testing

We have received an overwhelming amount of feedback that database unit testing is a critical feature for customers, so SSDT- December 2012 adds support for this feature. Database Unit Testing in SSDT will look familiar to many of you as it is based on the equivalent capability in the Visual Studio 2010 DB Pro tools.  Some highlights:

  • Installs in Visual Studio 2010 or Visual Studio 2012:
    • Requires Visual Studio Professional or higher edition to support database unit testing functionality.
    • Installs side-by-side with existing Visual Studio 2010 DB Pro tools in Visual Studio Premium and Ultimate editions.
  • Supports client-side testing based on MSTest with the same built-in test conditions as DB Pro.
  • Allows desktop development and execution of tests as well as execution from the command line or as part of a build on a build server.
  • Upgrades existing VS 2010 test projects without change to the database unit test scripts or code.
  • Integrates with SSDT SQL Server database projects:
    • Automates deployment of the database project on test initialization.
    • Generates skeleton test scripts for stored procedures, functions and triggers via SQL Server Object Explorer.
    • Applies changes to test scripts when refactoring objects in database projects.   
  • Supports custom test conditions (existing custom test conditions need to be modified before they can be used).


Integration of SSDT Power Tools

The SSDT team started releasing SSDT Power Tools last April as a mechanism to deliver new and experimental features with each release. Since then, the Power Tools have been downloaded over 24,500 times.

We received a great deal of positive feedback on the Power Tools and as a response, this release integrates the functionality previously delivered via Power Tools into the core SSDT product. The advantage of product inclusion is that a separate install will no longer be needed and that features are now fully supported and available to users in all languages. The following features are now included in SSDT's SQL Server Object Explorer:


Updated Data-Tier Application Framework


Bug fixes

SSDT - December 2012 contains over 50 bug fixes, including fixes for customer-reported issues from SSDT - November 2012 and SSDT Power Tools releases.

Good to see Database Unit testing is back...

(via SSIS Junkie - Database unit testing is now available for SSDT)


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