Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Winning at Win8 ... Visual Studio Achievements added for Windows 8 Dev

C9Team - Announcing Visual Studio Achievements For Windows 8 App Development

We are excited to announce an update to the Visual Studio Achievements extension: the availability of nineteen new achievements all oriented toward Windows 8 app development.

These new achievements can be earned in JavaScript, C#, VB and C++. Some examples include: I Like To Move It Move It which is earned by using the accelerometer and The Play Is The Thing which is earned by using the AutoPlay contract. You can see a complete list of the nineteen new achievements below.

If you are new to Visual Studio Achievements, check out this post.

Download Now

If you already have the extension installed, you can update the extension right from the Visual Studio Extension Manager.

Complete List of New Achievements



I like how these (that I've looked at at least) seem to sponsor "good" development tasks and such. They seem to encourage you to delve into Win 8 Dev areas you might not have thought to look into, etc. (i.e. exactly what achievements are kind of meant to do... ;)


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