Thursday, January 03, 2013

Did ya get the memo? Let me send you another copy... Windows Phone 8 Delightful Design Memo (aka Cheat Sheet)

[Windows Phone] Modern UI memo to make beautiful applications on Windows Phone 7 & 8 ([Windows Phone] Memo ModernUI pour faire de belles applications sur Windows Phone 7 & 8)

In a previous article I presented you a memo sheet that summarizes all you need to know to develop applications on Windows 8 modernUI. This time it's around Windows Phone!

The developers have at their disposal the Center Windows Phone Dev to the modern look of the guidelines:

In order to not waste any time to search for information for each new application, I created a memo card which summarizes the important points for the development of your applications.

On this card you can thus find information on:

  • The various resolutions on Windows Phone 7 / 8
  • All type of logos and images to include in your application with different sizes
  • The different types of tiles,
  • The accent colors,
  • The icons available with font Segoe UI Symbol (the very good article Jonathan Antoine tires)... [GD: Machine Translated]


Sorry, had to use the memo line...

(via Windows Phone Geek - Cheat Sheet for Windows Phone Modern UI Design)

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