Friday, January 04, 2013

Your shortcut link to exploring Windows Explorer shortcut LNK's

CodeProject - Windows Link (Shortcut) File Explorer

It was not exactly the flashing action experience I had when I wrote a Side Launcher (Start Menu showing up on the side of the screen) which was seen in a previous Database application written in assembler under Windows. Accessing sequential, unsorted Records, with properly organized record lengths, resulted in speeds near to access indexed databases in any application. Yes, it’s true! Reducing the clutter was the way to go and analyzing Link files gave an idea why. ShellLink contributed to the slow acting of the Side Launcher. In fact circumventing Widows, respectively its preference to store huge administrational info into files and deal with that, also seen in PE files, could speed up the application to desired levels. During analysis the Link File Explorer was created.


  • The Link File Explorer analyses Windows shortcut file content and displays the data.
  • Links can be run from inside the explorer.
  • Internet Shortcuts (plain text files) are supported in this application and can be run.
  • Link files can be taken into a HexEditor from the Link Explorer.
  • Network, Printer, Mouse, etc.  link files are supported.
  • Accessing Desktop, StartMenu and user directory from inside the Explorer.
  • The Link File Explorer contains an easy report facility.
  • Report files can be edited from inside the Link File Explorer.
  • Opening documents document files directly.
  • Related data is supported with color coding for easy recognition.
  • A whole variety of documents, explaining structures, are included in the download.
  • The Explorer uses default applications for external calls.




While not something you need everyday (week, month, year...) but I thought this was cool and the R&D into the LNK format something pretty interesting (yeah, I know, I need a life... um... shut up? ;)

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