Friday, January 04, 2013

Is that the world's tallest thermometer in your pocket or are you just...anyway... The Baker Thermometer is for sale!

laist - World's Tallest Thermometer in Baker Is Up For Sale

If you've driven from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, surely you've noticed the town of Baker, and its iconic giant thermometer. In recent years the 134-foot-tall landmark hasn't been working, however, and a couple of the businesses on the property on which it stands have also gone kaput. Now its owner is searching for a remedy in the form of a buyer: The thermometer is up for sale for $1.75 million.

Photo by matchity via Flickr

For that bargain price, you can not only just claim ownership of the world's tallest thermometer, but you'll also be the owner of "the vacant gift shop at the base and the four-acre parcel along Baker Boulevard," Baron Castillo of Coldwell Banker Commercial in Los Angeles tells the L.A. Times. Castillo, who is handling the sale, says it's really just a matter of the new owner fixing it up.


Now THAT'S what I should have asked Santa for! And only $8k a month for the power to light it up. Given the location, sounds like perfect solar opportunity... um... hook in some advertising for the solar company on the sign... um...

"Honey, I've got this idea for an investment..."

[SMACK!! Annette hits Greg with the Stupid Stick... ;]

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