Friday, January 04, 2013

Teachers and School Leaders, Microsoft has got your badges...

UK Schools Blog - Earn Microsoft badges for teacher and school leader professional development

We believe in anytime, anywhere learning. We also believe your achievements should be recognized so that you can share your accomplishments and knowledge with your colleagues and communities. That’s why the Partners in Learning Network awards badges for the skills and knowledge that are learned and shared through our online professional learning community, in our in-person events, and in school communities around the world.

Check out the badges you can earn and add to your Partners in Learning online profile. Earn enough and you can establish yourself as a Microsoft Expert Educator (more info to follow on this).



Once signed in, don’t forget to complete your profile. Check out this innovid created by Jonny Carter, from St-Malachy's Primary school, who demonstrates how easy it is to build your profile on


Given the blog source, I'm not sure if this is just for the UK or not, but I still think it's cool. I mean badges are cool, right? And schools are cool right? And educators? So that makes this triple cool?

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