Tuesday, January 29, 2013

ScriptTD v2 work kicks off... (Think the "8" version)

MQuandt.Blog - ScriptTD Coding Log

"Work has officially begun on ScriptTD v2, which will be available for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8. Part of the goal this time is to demonstrate cross platform development, as well as hybrid applications that use both C++ and C#.

Alongside my work on this, I plan to write a series of posts as I go, discussing my thoughts on decisions made, or unmade. Think of it like a coding journal, as I may backtrack on decisions or change ideas as I explore them. This should also help provide an insight into the code for people who are interested in playing around with it once it is made public, as well as a nice way for me to get answers when I ask myself ”What on earth were you doing?” in a years time.

Design Goals

To kick things off I’ll outline the goals as they currently stand, and my thoughts on each one.

  • Cross Platform
  • Existing Libraries
  • Animations
  • Better Entity/Object System
  • Zooming/Multiple Resolutions


Cool to see ScriptTD v2 is alive and moving forward and onto new the OS's


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