Monday, January 07, 2013

Visual Studio Facebook Chat Extension (yes, FB Chat directly from within VS)

Visual Studio Gallery - Visual Studio Facebook Chat

Stay connected in Facebook while developing your Solutions. With this tool you can chat with your facebook-contacts while coding. No reason to break your workflow for a simple question.




  • Visual feedback - Every time a contact writes a message to you, the item in the userlist is highlighted, never miss a message.
  • Audio Feedback - Turn on Audiofeedback and stay concentrated except if its necessary to communicate with your contacts.
  • Visual Studio build in - You don't have to change between bowser and Visual Studio to communicate with other developers or contacts at facebook, keep your workflow up.


  1. Install the Plugin
  2. Make it visible by clicking on 'View' --> 'More Windows' --> 'Facebook Chat'
  3. Click anywhere on the Chat window to trigger the Login-Popup


Technical Information

This plugin uses agsXmpp and JSON.Net.
agsXmpp is managing the connection to Facebook on XMPP-Level. JSON.Net is parsing the JSON-Response für the User-Profile.

I'm not sure if this an hail bringer of the End of Times or just kind of cool (or a little of both). Now, I've said I live in VS, but this might be a little over the top... :D

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