Thursday, February 07, 2013

Learn how to learn, creatively with the free MIT Learning Creative Learning course

lifehacker - MIT’s Free Creative Learning Class Teaches You How to Learn Almost Anything

"Whether you need to learn a new skill or language to advance your career, or you just want to learn something new and broaden your horizons, lifelong learning is important. Still, picking up new things can be difficult, and the free Learning Creative Learning course from the MIT Media Lab aims to teach you techniques to easily pick up something new whenever you want to.

The course starts on February 11th, but you should up for the class now—sign-ups close on Friday the 8th. To get started, just hit the link below. Mitch Resnick, Director of Lifelong Kindergarten and the LEGO Papert Professor at the MIT Media Lab, is teaching the course. The class will be centered on picking up techniques that make learning new skills and keeping them for the long haul easier. Each week you'll focus on different types of learning and different types of skills, from learning on the internet, tinkering and learning from doing things yourself, and generating your own great ideas.


Learning Creative Learning

Free & Online!

You've been dying to take the MIT Media Lab course on creative learning, but you're not in Cambridge? Despair no more. We invite you to join the course right here, on the interwebs. It's free of charge and we hope you'll like it.

A Big Experiment

This is a big experiment. Things will break. We don't have all the answers. Sometimes we plan to rely on you to make it work. But we'll try our very darndest to make sure you have a good time, and get something out of it.

Weekly Lessons

Make new friends, and start learning from weekly live videos, readings, discussions, and project-based activities. Open for signup now, course starts February 11th. Questions? Drop us a note in our Google+ community or send us an email at



Just-in-time learning is the watch word for any developer these days... Learning how to learn better sounds like a good investment, doesn't it? Now just to find the time...

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