Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Microsoft SQL Server Licensing Question? There's a hotline for that...

MSSQLFun - Microsoft SQL Server License Helpline

Microsoft SQL Server license has lots of flavors in terms of user based \ CAL or processor based license, license based on versions or license based on environment (physical or virtual).

Although, Microsoft release license guidelines for each & every SQL server version. But there are more complex scenarios for licensing then we think.

Best person to answer your all queries over licensing is MICROSOFT itself.


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Why a snap? I leached enough of Rohit Garg's post, I felt icky leaching that last bit... So an image presents the information but doesn't steal too much from his SEO... well, so I hope anyway. Being a web curator is waling a fine line...


Seems the questions of the ages are Microsoft License/CAL (well actually any big corp software license related...) so when I saw this, the fact that I could call a human and get answers from the horses mouth so to speak, well I knew I had to grab it for future need.

And if you guys can use it too... :)

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