Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Image Tools Extension for Visual Studio - Quick image thumbnails, resize, rotation and conversion right in Visual Studio

Visual Studio Gallery - Image Tools

A Visual Studio extension that offers image manipulation options. You can resize, optimize and rotate your images easily from your VS Solution Explorer. Also conversion support for PNG, GIF and JPG files.

CREATED BY: Guus Beltman

SUPPORTS: Visual Studio 2012

LAST UPDATED: 3/18/2013



Adds useful image resizing features to Visual Studio for web developers. Also capable to convert, compress, thumbnail images just by right clicking on a image in your solution explorer. It's easy to rotate images and recompress images with a lower quality level. It can save you a lot of time opening your paint application. So hope your having fun using it, let me know if something is missing. Than I am glad to see if I can add it. Enjoy!

Saw this and thought it cool and something I'll be able to use. Now you mix in the Ico conversion sample I mentioned the other day (From Images to Icons, a simple C# example ;)

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