Tuesday, April 23, 2013

The First [12] Steps in using Caliburn Micro to build awesome Windows Phone 8 App's

qmatteoq.com - First steps with Caliburn Micro in Windows Phone 8 – The complete series

This post is simply a collector of all the blog posts I wrote about using Caliburn Micro, a very powerfull Model-View-ViewModel framework, in Windows Phone 8. The posts are listed in chronological order, so it will be easier for you to follow the logic path of the posts: from the basic concepts (what’s Caliburn, conventions, etc.) to the most complex stuff (tombstoning, collections, messaging).

This list will be published also at the bottom of every post of the series, so that it will be easier for you to jump from a post to another.



Caliburn Micro is one of my favorite MVVM frameworks and I'm really starting to fall in love with my Windows Phone 8, so highlighting this just seems natural, doesn't it? :)


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