Wednesday, May 08, 2013

C#'ing Objective C with Xamarin's new Objective Sharpie

Xamarin Blog - Introducing Objective Sharpie

I am pleased to announce a new tool from Xamarin: Objective Sharpie, a very powerful binding definition generator for third party Objective C libraries to help provide APIs matching the .NET idioms and ensure delightful APIs.

Objective Sharpie takes much of the manual work of translating Objective C APIs into binding definitions that are consumed by Xamarin’s binding tools. Download your third party library, point Objective Sharpie to its header files, and off you go.

It does this using Clang and the SDKs installed in Xcode to extract all the API metadata needed to produce a binding: selector names, argument and return types, enums, and so on.



While I'm not an iOS/Xcode/Apple guy, I just loved this name... :)

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