Friday, May 03, 2013

TFS Web Licensing for Greg's (i.e. dumm... well you get it...)

Matt's ALM space - Web Access Licensing for dummies

With Team Foundation Server 2012 the licensing became way easier, in order to have a clearer path of adoption for the involved features. One big example of that is the new Web Access.

The new Team Web Access now features three levels of information access, dependent on the CAL you have:


These three levels exposes a different set of information to the user.

A user acceding the Web Access with a Limited Access level is roughly the same as the old Work Item Only View in Team System Web Access, so the user can access to what belongs to him without the need of a CAL.

The Standard level is for who has access to Visual Studio 2012 Professional...

The Full level is for who has access to Visual Studio 2012 Premium and above, it enables every feature of the Web Access...


I really liked Matt's, short, sweet and yet topic covering post and didn't want to wait for the next RadioTFS (though I'll likely mention this again there ;)


Anonymous said...

You like his short sweat? Ugh, autocorrect is going to make me vomit.

Greg Duncan said...

Fixed. Thanks...