Friday, July 26, 2013

"Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model" free 120 page eBook (PDF today, mobi, epub by month's end)

Microsoft Press - Free ebook: Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model


We’re pleased to announce the availability of Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model (ISBN 9780735679603), by Marc Farley, as a free download! You can download the PDF version of this title here (120 pages; 3 MB).

We will update this post soon with links to EPUB and MOBI files. We expect these files to be available by the end of the month.


Rethinking Enterprise Storage: A Hybrid Cloud Model describes a storage architecture that some experts are calling a game changer in the infrastructure industry. Called the Microsoft hybrid cloud storage (HCS) solution, it was developed as a way to integrate cloud storage services with traditional enterprise storage.

The author, Marc Farley, works at Microsoft on hybrid cloud storage solutions as a senior marketing manager. The book includes a Foreword by storage industry expert and noted blogger Martin Glassborow, better known in the industry as Storagebod.

The book includes seven chapters:

Chapter 1  Rethinking enterprise storage
Chapter 2  Leapfrogging backup with cloud snapshots
Chapter 3  Accelerating and broadening disaster recovery protection
Chapter 4  Taming the capacity monster
Chapter 5  Archiving data with the hybrid cloud
Chapter 6  Putting all the pieces together
Chapter 7  Imagining the possibilities with hybrid cloud storage


You know me, Mr I Wanna Cloud guy... And this approach of using the cloud as a storage extension sounds interesting. I mean who really likes adding more and more and more local storage? (or instead we add more and more and more cloud storage, paying for every bit... um.... err... well, I guess I need to read this eBook to see the justification and details! ;)


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