Tuesday, July 09, 2013

What every Angeleno needs... a .LA domain name.

socaltech.com - LA Gets Its Own Domain Name Extension: .LA

Are you looking for a domain name which communicates uniquely that you're in Los Angeles? A new domain name extension, .LA, debuted this week from a company, which is hoping to attract local businesses and residents to its domain. According to domain registrar GoDaddy, it has begun offering Los Angeles specific web names both via auction and by registration, including domains like MovieStars.LA, Scripts.LA, Studios.LA, and Producer.LA. ... the .LA extension comes thanks to Dot LA Marketing LLC, which has partnered with GoDaddy to offer up those names. GoDaddy is offering up the .LA names at a somewhat pricey $39.99 a year...

I'm going to regret not registering these...




Shame ILove.La is taken already :)

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