Friday, August 02, 2013

FEZ Game-O Emulator - Community Edition

Project Update #3: FEZ Game-O Emulator - Community Edition

We are proud to announce the release of FEZ Game-O Emulator - Community Edition.  Please feel to download the latest version at  Community members have already been using the emulator to create and share gaming examples! Visit the FEZ Game-O code base at and search for "Game-O".

The FEZ Game-O Team

* Note - The emulator does not support sound or the features of the accelerometer.

GHI Electronics - Game-O Emulator Community Edition

This is a community edition of the emulator for Fez Game-O console. It is WPF based application. To exit the emulator press "Power" button. To change the color of the emulator press one of the colored button at the bottom of the screen.


Initial submit: Source code only. The installation project is in progress and will be added later.




I think I just found my weekend project... :)


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