Wednesday, October 23, 2013

AsmSpy [Assembly Spy] (Think "commandDepends for assembly references")

Code rant - AsmSpy Coloured Output

AsmSpy is a little tool I put together a while back to view assembly reference conflicts. Even though it took just an hour or so to knock together, it’s proved to be one of my more successful open source offerings. Since I initially put it up on GitHub there have been a trickle of nice pull requests. Just today I got an excellent coloured output submission from Mahmoud Samy Abuzied which makes it much easier to see the version conflicts.

Here’s the output from EasyNetQ showing that it’s awkwardly using two different versions of the .NET runtime libraries.



mikehadlow / AsmSpy

A simple command line tool to view assembly references.

Download The zip file contains AsmSpy.exe.

How it works:

Simply run AsmSpy giving it a path to your bin directory (the folder where your project's assemblies live).

AsmSpy D:\Source\sutekishop\Suteki.Shop\Suteki.Shop\bin

It will output a list of all conflicting assembly references. That is where different assemblies in your bin folder reference different versions of the same assembly.

To see a list of all assemblies and all references, just add the 'all' flag:

AsmSpy D:\Source\sutekishop\Suteki.Shop\Suteki.Shop\bin all


Kudo's to Mike for releasing the source along with the bin...

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