Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Free eBook of the Day: "45 Database Performance Tips for Developers"

simple talk - Claire Brooking - Free eBook with SQL Server performance tips and nuggets

I’ve often found that the kind of tips that turn out to be helpful are the ones that encourage me to make a small step outside of a routine. No dramatic changes – just a quick suggestion that changes an approach. As a languages student at university, one of the best I spotted came from outside the lecture halls and ended up saving me time (and lots of huffing and puffing) – the use of a rainbow of sticky notes for well-used pages and letter categories in my dictionary. Simple, but armed with a heavy dictionary that could double up as a step stool, those markers were surprisingly handy.

When the Simple-Talk editors told me about a book they were planning that would give a series of tips for developers on how to improve database performance, we all agreed it needed to contain a good range of pointers for big-hitter performance topics. But we wanted to include some of the smaller, time-saving nuggets too. We hope we’ve struck a good balance.

The 45 Database Performance Tips eBook covers different tips to help you avoid code that saps performance, whether that’s the ‘gotchas’ to be aware of when using Object to Relational Mapping (ORM) tools, or what to be aware of for indexes, database design, and T-SQL.


Improve your application's database performance - and get your DBA to buy you a beer

Download your free copy of 45 Database Performance Tips for Developers to see the SQL Server performance tips and tricks recommended by some of the smartest minds in the Simple Talk community, including SQL Server MVPs.

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Free eBook: 45 Database Performance Tips for Developers

  • Speed up your development with ORMs and discover the 'gotchas' involved
  • Learn the best practices for efficiently indexing tables
  • Get expert advice on writing well-formed SQL queries




Database Performance Tips for Developers
As a developer, you may or may not need to go into the database and write queries, or design tables and indexes, or help determine configuration of your SQL Server systems. But if you do, these tips should help to make that a more pain free process.


Some I agree with, some I'm not so sure about, but this is a quick download, quick read and has a good number of tips and hints... (and it's free).

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