Monday, November 04, 2013

In with the new for the old school, the NNTP bridge is back baby! (Think "Accessing MS Web-Forums via NNTP News Reader")

CodePlex - Community Forums NNTP bridge

Project Description
Community project for accessing the MS Web-Forums via an open source NNTP newsserver (bridge).

News: 2013-10-29

Starting with today, the bridge works again! To get it work, you need to download the new bridge, which now uses LiveConnect as authentication schema. Also you need to enable NNTP access in your user profile! If it is already enabled NNTP access in your settings, you need to enabled it again and press "Save changes"!

Go to "Quick access | My Settings | Be sure the "Use NNTP bridge" is checked and press "Save changes"

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Current features

  • Replaces the MS NNTP Bridge(s) completely
  • "MyThreads" support: Automatic detection of my own posts!; just post one time to the forum and all your subsequent articles will be marked as yours and will have your email address! (will allow Ctrl-H to work in WLM)
  • Code colorization for posts in the forum
  • Auto start and Autominimize, Auto login for LiveId, so no need to accept any LiveId dialog
  • Supports the conversion of html-web-articles into plain/text articles for your newsreader
  • Converts "http(s)" links into html links, if posted in plain/text / supports some other markups, like bold/italic/underline and code-tags!
  • Search of all newsgroups also via description
  • X-Face support for MVPs, Microsofties and Admins
  • Encodes Subject/From only, if non-ASCII characters are present
  • MessageId contains a valid domain name
  • You can bind to, so the NNTP bridge is accessible from any other computer in the network!
  • The message/thread URL of the forum will be submitted in the Archived-At (RFC5064) header, so you can directly go to the web page
  • Thunderbird can display the article source code ;)
  • Many tracing options to see the newsclients messages/responses
  • You can extend the "CommunityForumsNNTPServer.ArticleConverter" without the LiveID SDK; for compiling the whole source code, you need to download and install the Windows Live ID Client 1.0 SDK

Upgrade from MS NNTP Bridge

  • If you have previously used the MS NNTP Bridge and now want to use this bridge for the same groups, the threaded view in your newsreader might fail for all old messages (depending on your newsgreader)! This is because the messageId has changed (it now has a domain name). But this is not dangerous ;) you can have the full threaded view again, if you unsubsrcribe from the groups and subscribe again. Then all messages can be downloaded with the new messageId which will lead to the correct threading view.



Just seeing "NNTP" brought back memories... Don't know what NNTP is? (cough... kids these days... cough... ;) It's the power behind Usenet, news groups, etc (Don't know what those are either? LALALALA... I'm not that old... I'm not... I don't hear you... LALALALAL...  LOL). Anyway, if you do know and a NNTP reader is your reading platform of choice...

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