Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Taking File Explorer to 11! (Okay 10... ) - 10 Tips about Windows 8.1. File Explorer you might not know

next of windows - 10 File Explorer Tips You May Not Know You Can Do in Windows 8.1

Because I deal with folders and files almost on daily basis, Windows Explorer, now called File Explorer in Windows 8, is still my best friend and the program I use the most on my day to day work. Guess what? I actually quite like what the new File Explorer offers. It’s powerful, smooth, efficient, and user friendly, even the Ribbon bar looks quite nice to me. You may not agree but let me share with you these tips you may not be aware that you can do in this version of File Explorer.

1. Things you can do with Easy Access



There are a number of cool features and tips in this article. Some I knew but a bunch I didn't. If you use the Windows 8.1. File Explorer you should scan this article...

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