Wednesday, December 04, 2013

WiX'ing in VS 2013. WiX 3.8 adds VS 2013 support, bootstrapper and more

InfoQ - Wix 3.8 Adds VS 2013 Support in Votive and WiX Native Library and Bootstrapper Application Functions

Wix, Windows installer package tool, has released version 3.8 with support for Visual Studio 2013 in Votive and WiX native libraries. It includes bootstrapper application functions which extends WixStandardBootstrapperApplication. The release provides an ability to detect Windows 8.1 in Burn in addition to detecting properties in WixVSExtension using Visual Studio 2013.


WiX - WiX Toolset v3.8


The v3.8 RTM build is v3.8.1128.0.

For more information see: and

Major features of WiX v3.8 are:

  • Support for Visual Studio 2013 in Votive and the WiX native libraries. (Bob Arnson and Rob Mensching)
  • Bootstrapper application functions to extend WixStandardBootstrapperApplication. (Neil Sleightholm)

Minor features include:
  • Properly detect Windows 8.1 version in Burn. (Blair Murri)
  • Visual Studio 2013 detection properties in WixVSExtension. (Bob Arnson)
  • fun.AutoVersion preprocessor function to provide automatic version numbers. (Neil Sleightholm)
  • New WixStandardBootstrapperApplication themes. (Neil Sleightholm)
  • Options in CloseApplication to send end-session messages, to be prompted if programs are still running, and to terminate the process if gentler requests are ignored. (Rob Mensching)
  • ThmUtil (and therefore WixStandardBootstrapperApplication) supports hidden controls and transparent images. (Neil Sleightholm and Rob Mensching)
  • LocUtil (and therefore WixStandardBootstrapperApplication) supports probing for default language resources rather than requiring region-specific language resources. (Neil Sleightholm)

The following issues were fixed in WiX v3.8:


Free, open source and powerful, WiX is a seriously powerful setup builder...

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