Thursday, January 16, 2014

"Enterprise DevCamps Training Kit" - 85MB, Five modules, code and decks for the LOB Dev

Microsoft Downloads - Enterprise DevCamps Training Kit

The Enterprise DevCamps Training Kit shows enterprise developers how to modernize existing .NET client line of business apps to target back-end services running on Windows Azure.

Version: 1.0.0

Date Published: 1/16/2014

EnterpriseDevCampTK.exe, 114 KB [Kind of, more like 85MB]

This training kit shows how to modernize your existing .NET client line of business (LOB) applications for multiple devices. You will learn how to move .NET client LOB applications forward without having to start from scratch with new technologies. You will learn about Microsoft’s devices and services strategy, what it means for you and how your existing applications fit in. You will review best practices for using a services architecture. You will see how and why to move your LOB applications to Windows Azure, how to use 3rd party controls to add a modern look and feel and how to provide your users the ability to use LOB apps on a variety of devices, including Windows 8 and Windows Phone. And you will do all of this using Visual Studio 2013 and your existing XAML skills!


The Content is installed into the C:\EnterpriseDevCamp\ folder, where C: is the home drive for your Windows Installation.  ..."

The file size is a little misleading as it's just a WPI (Web Platform Installer] shortcut.



And note the install folder in bold above, C:\EnterpriseDevCamp\. This is buried in the download "Supported Systems" note.

image Don't know why I couldn't find it at first... :/

So what's in it?


By size, PowerPoint... Yet, in some of the modules there are some nice labs and code...


If you're a LOB Dev, it's a pretty quick download...

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