Tuesday, January 07, 2014

MVA Live Event - Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition [with lead Geeks Pete Brown, Jeff Burtoft], January 21, 2014 9am-5pm PST

Microsoft Virtual Academy - Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition

HTML and XAML developers, are you ready to start having fun with Windows 8.1? Join Microsoft developer experts for a dive deep into the gadget and devices side of Windows 8.1, including USB, Bluetooth, point of sale, and even 3D printing. You’ll find out about some awesome new features in both HTML and XAML and look at some early versions of great toolkits. Build on your core skills and take advantage of everything Windows 8.1 has to offer.

Course Outline

  • Overview of Windows 8.1 Developer Platform
  • What’s New in XAML and HTML Apps
  • Bluetooth, USB, and 3D Printing
  • Speech, Camera, and Mic
  • Web App Template
  • Embedded Scenarios
  • XAML and HTML Performance


Hard to get geekier that these two guys... What's the price? Free! Location? Virtual! Great Content? Almost Guarantied!  :)

(via Ginktage - Windows 8.1 Developer Training: Geek Edition)

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