Thursday, January 09, 2014

The Los Angeles Tech Startup Scene for 2014

built in LA - LA Tech 2014: Get Involved!

It’s an exciting time to be a technologist in LA. Our tech startup community is rapidly growing, we’re seeing an ever-strengthening bond between the tech scene and Hollywood’s massive entertainment space, and the social entrepreneurs and politicians in LA are looking for technologies to help solve their problems.

So, how and where do you get involved? This doesn’t cover everything, but it’s a pretty solid start.

LA Startup Community

If you’re new to the LA startup community,...

Student Hacking

LA’s universities produce some of the top technology talent, but apparently we’re having difficulty attracting and retaining them in the LA startup community...

Civic Hacking

2013 was a great year for civic hacking in Los Angeles: the launch of Hack for LA – hosting two large civic hackathons, the launch of Code for LA – the local Code for America ...

LA Tech Conferences (Non-Startup)

There’s a new big tech event coming to LA: The Code Conference (May). ...


Live or visiting the Los Angeles area, there are some great "Tech" resources, meetups, etc in this post.

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