Monday, May 12, 2014

A little prehistory, the world before Windows...

How-To Geek - PCs Before Windows: What Using MS-DOS Was Actually Like

Consumer PCs didn’t always run Windows. Before Windows arrived, PCs came with Microsoft’s MS-DOS operating system. Here’s what the command-line environment was actually like to use.

No, MS-DOS was not just like using the Linux terminal or firing up the Command Prompt in  window on your fancy graphical desktop. Many things we take for granted just weren’t possible back then.

The DOS PC Experience

DOS was a command-line operating system with no graphical windows. You booted up your computer and then saw a DOS prompt. You had to know the commands to type at this prompt to launch programs, run built-in utilities, and actually do something with your computer



Wow, this brought back some memories. There was nothing like walking someone less than computer literate over the phone through created a config.sys and autoexec.bat by using "copy CON..." And TSR's (go Sidekick, Go!). I used to love (cough) saying, "Now press enter" and then hearing 5 key strokes (i.e. the person typing e-n-t-e-r... lol). and then there was... and... oh man, I need a drink...

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