Thursday, May 01, 2014

Free your mind... from worrying about paying for some great images ... IM Free

Andy Sowards - IM Free – Your Supply of Dazzling Free Images

"Earlier this week, I was combing through all sorts of microstock agencies, searching for authentic photos to use in my everyday design projects. It’s never easy, because most stock photos are bland, and those that really caught my eye look very familiar. No wonder they do, I’ve spotted them in countless other places on the web. You’ve probably found yourself in the same predicament many times by now, and spent too much on low quality stock photos. You’ll never have to do that again.

IMCreator is a widely acclaimed site building platform that helps both amateurs and professional designers build excellent websites. This ingenious online software has recently launched a service that overruns the way we used to acquire commercial images. It curates loads of exquisite photographs taken from Flickr. Each of these items belongs to real photographers, who entrust you with their works for free.

IM Free is a miscellaneous body of collections stacked with royalty-free photos, and it’s immediately accessible. You don’t have to create an account or impart any kind of personal information before getting your hands on those treats. The only thing that is expected of you is that you give credit to the authors each time you use one of their items, which is an essential step, because it’s the only way to maintain this costless model.


As a side note, IM Free is a fast-growing collection of free designer resources that will also be integrated into the website builder’s page editor before long. In other words, IMCreator users gain firsthand access to the finest source of free photos, and no longer have to waste their time searching online markets for top-grade imagery.


IM Free



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