Thursday, May 08, 2014

The story of TFS - Pieter Gheysens' "The evolution of ALM/TFS" now in PDF form.

Into ALM with TFS - The evolution of ALM/TFS – pdf available for download

A few weeks ago, I started with publishing different parts of an article on the evolution of Application Lifecycle Management.

Part I: Introduction

Part II: Diving into the basics of ALM and how did Microsoft start with an ALM solution?

Part III: Heterogeneous Software Development

Part IV: A fully integrated testing experience with TFS 2010

Part V: TFS 2012 and Continuous Value Delivery

Part VI: TFS 2013 and Visual Studio Online

Part VII: Conclusion

You can now also download the full article in pdf-format [Click through for the PDF link] (25 pages in total – 2MB). [GD: Post leached in full]


Being a host of RadioTFS and long time TFS guy (yes, I've been installing and using it since v1, VSTS 2005) it amazes me just how far this product line has come and that the improvement pace isn't just not slowing down, but is going faster!

I wonder if a new chapter is going to be written (announced, whatever) next week at TechEd North America 2014? We got the 2013 surprise last year, wonder about this year? Guess we'll see soon enough...

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