Thursday, May 22, 2014

The updates just keep a rolling...Visual Studio 2013.3 CTP 1 Released

Microsoft Downloads - This is a Community Technology Preview (CTP) for Visual Studio 2013 Update 3

Version: 2013

Date Published: 5/20/2014

File Name:

VS2013.3 CTP.exe

By releasing periodic updates, we can enhance and expand Visual Studio to support the latest software development innovations for building and managing modern apps. For more information, see Visual Studio Updates and the Visual Studio Update KB Article.

PLEASE NOTE: This Community Technology Preview has not been subject to final validation and is not meant to be run on production workstations or servers.

For the Visual Studio update package: The recommended approach for upgrading Visual Studio on test workstations is installing the latest Visual Studio Update CTP on top of an RTM release or a previous CTP build of that Update. Visual Studio CTPs can be upgraded to a different build.

For full-upgrade packages (ex: Team Foundation Server, Release Management, Remote Tools): Do not install an Update CTP on a production server, as it will put the server in an unsupported state. Unlike with Visual Studio CTPs, installing a full-upgrade package CTP completely replaces the current release on the server with the CTP. Full-upgrade package CTPs cannot be upgraded to future CTPs or releases nor “downgraded” to a previous release.


Description of Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1

Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 Community Technology Preview 1 (CTP 1) on May 22, 2014. Visual Studio 2013 Update 3 CTP 1 includes the latest software updates, feature additions, and bug fixes.


Important This update applies to Visual Studio and Team Foundation Server (TFS). Visual Studio and TFS installation mechanics are different. The Visual Studio update is an update that installs on top of whatever is already installed on the computer. The TFS update is a full layout that replaces whatever is installed on the computer. Before you try to apply the TFS update, make sure that you have a full backup of your current databases. If the TFS update installation fails, you cannot restart the update or roll back to the earlier version of TFS without performing a restore.


Technology improvements

The following technology improvements were made in this release.


  • If you have more than one monitor, Visual Studio will remember which monitor a Windows Store application was last run on.
  • You can debug x86 applications that are built by .NET native.
  • When you analyze managed memory dump files, you can go to Definition and Find All References of the selected type.


  • You can skip straight to the details of performance events that are exported from Application Insights to IntelliTrace.


  • The Performance and Diagnostics hub can open profiling sessions (.diagsession files) that were exported from the F12 tools in the latest developer preview of Internet Explorer 11.

Release Management

  • You can use Windows PowerShell or the Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC) feature to deploy and manage configuration data. Additionally, you can deploy to the following environments without having to set up Microsoft Deployment Agent:
    • Windows Azure environments
    • On-premise environments (Standard environments)

Testing Tools

  • You can add custom fields and custom work flows for test plans and test suites.
  • You can use Manage Test Suites permission for granting access to test suites.
  • You can track changes to test plans and test suites by using work item history.

Visual Studio IDE

  • CodeLens authors and changes indicators are now available for Git repositories.
  • In Code Map, links are styled by using colors, and they display in the improved Legend.
  • Debugger Map automatically zooms to the call stack entry of interest and preserves user's zoom preferences.
  • You can drag binaries from the Windows file explorer to a code map, and then start exploring binaries by using Code Map.
Known issues


Currently looking like a roll-up/catch-up/bug fix version...

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